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16 July 2018 10:00 pm

(Save to cal)

SHAKERS Club, Kraków





► 2 zł BEER / ► 2 zł PIWO

► 2 zł SHOTS OF CHERRY-VODKA / ► 2 zł za Shoty WIŚNIÓWKI

► 5 zł VODKA+Mix / ► 5 zł WÓDKA+Mix




---------------- ▽ ENGLISH VERSION ▽ ---------------- / polska wersja poniżej /

Welcome to the ★ KAKAO MONDAY PARTY ★ in SHAKERS Club !!!

★ KAKAO EVENTS ★ is proud to invite you to the CheaPest & CrazYest party in ALL Krakow!!!
The ★ KAKAO MONDAY PARTY★ is a Project created by the INSANE Minds of the ★ KAKAO EVENTS ★ Staff, in order to help you...EVERY MONDAY...to start with the best mood a new week full of energy!!!

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the Craziest Promotions that you cannot find in any other party any day of the week in ALL Krakow!!!!

Showing your ★★★ KAKAO CARD ★★★ you will have during ALL NIGHT LONG:


► 2 zł BEERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


► 5 zł VODKA + Mix

MONDAY in Barcelona, London, Berlin, San Francisco, Rome, and many other cities, is not a day like any other. After set aside all monotonous commitments and tasks of the beginning of the week, all people meet & lose theirself in a night full of Madness.
★ KAKAO EVENTS ★ is ready to launch this new ambitious Project in order to make finally the Night-Life in Krakow competitive in the ground of the Monday Parties that are taking places in many cities all over the world.

REMEMBER: You must always show BEFORE TO ORDER A DRINK your ★★★ KAKAO CARD ★★★ to have these InSaNe Discounts on the bar !!!

It will allow you to have many DISCOUNTS for drinks and FREE ENTRANCE for all next months in all our events!!!!

Check all next ★ KAKAO PARTIES ★ in Krakow on our Official Website

Check all NEW PHOTOS on our Facebook Fan Page

...enjoy the fun, taste the KAKAO...




Szewska 5, 30-001 Cracovia, Polonia
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