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16 October 2018 10:00 pm

(Save to cal)

SHAKERS Club @ Szewska 5, Krakow




► 5 zł for 2 Shots of VODKA (or Cherry-Vodka) / ► 5 zł za 2 SZOTY WÓDKI (lub WIŚNIÓWKI)

► 5 zł BEERS / ► 5 zł PIWO


► 10 zł VODKA+Mix / ► 10 zł WÓDKA+Mix



 ★ KAKAO EVENTS ★ and ★ SHAKERS Club ★ are proud to invite you EVERY TUESDAY to our TUESDAY DEAL, in a Glamouros ambient of one of the most popular clubs that made the history of Krakow Nightlife...Shakers Club!

Join us Every Tuesday in the heart of Krakow, just one step from the main square and get ready for an avalanche of promotions with the best DEAL that you can find in the center of Krakow during tuesday nights.

Showing your ★★★ KAKAO CARD ★★★ you will have DURING ALL NIGHT LONG:


► 5 zł BEER

► 5 zł for 2 Shots of Vodka (or Cherry-Vodka)


► 5 zł Soft Drink

► 10 zł Vodka + Mix

REMEMBER: You must always show BEFORE TO ORDER A DRINK your ★★★ KAKAO CARD ★★★ to have these InSaNe Discounts on the bar !!!

It will allow you to have many DISCOUNTS for drinks and FREE ENTRANCE for all next months in all our events!!!

Check all NEW PHOTOS on our Facebook Fan Page

...enjoy the fun, taste the KAKAO...




Cost: Free
Imprezy w klubach    |   @ SHAKERS Club

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